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Hammer, nails and a vice on a wooden surface

Based in Wolverton, Milton Keynes, we are ideally located to supply hardware and DIY products to our customers. Whether you are carrying out a DIY project or a quick job, get your supplies from C.P Locks.

Your friendly and convenient

local hardware store

 •  Emulsions and gloss

 •  Varnishes and stains

 •  Brushes and rollers

 •  Screws, nails and hardware

 •  Hammers and screwdrivers

 •  Saws and chisels

 •  Putty and fillers

 •  Spray paint

 •  A range of tools

 •  and much more!

Everything you could need for your DIY projects

If you love DIY

you'll love C.P Locks!

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